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ENTRY Learning Roadmap

Your technician staff will no doubt have different levels of experience and knowledge. In order for us to best guide them so they can get the most out of our ENTRY curriculum, we've created a multi-tiered learning roadmap.

The Assessment 

After your practice signs up for ENTRY, and you've given us the emails of your participating team members, we'll send them a link* to our Training Needs Assessment. After they go through this, they're given a tier level of 1, 2, or 3.

*If any of your staff members haven't received the assessment link, please contact us.

The Roadmaps

Along with the tier level that the student is given after completing the assessment, they'll also receive a link to their appropriate roadmap. This will give them the steps on how to interact with ENTRY in a way that matches their experience and knowledge level.

Click on any of the tier buttons below to view the individual learning roadmaps.