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I. Paul Singh, MD

Founding Medical Advisor – Glaucoma

Dr. I. Paul Singh, a Wisconsin native, is the President of The Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha, Ltd., founded in 1981 by his father, Dr. Kanwar A. Singh. He was a chief resident and completed his residency at Cook County Hospital – Division of Ophthalmology, and his internship at Michael Reese Hospital – Department of Medicine, both in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Finch University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School in 1999. His undergraduate education was completed at Washington University in St. Louis, with a B.A. in Biology and Psychology. He completed his fellowship in Glaucoma at Duke University in July 2004 before returning back to his hometown where he is currently in private practice.

Throughout his Ophthalmology career, Dr. Singh has been involved with clinical research and has published papers in several ophthalmology journals. He has also presented his research at various national meetings and universities around the world. He maintains a full time research facility and is currently is involved in industry sponsored and independent research in glaucoma, cataract, ocular surface disease, and retina. He has a strong passion for new technology. He was the first surgeon in Wisconsin to perform many of the minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS), such as the iStent, Cypass, Hydrus, and Kahook Dual Blade goniotomy. He is the first to use newer in-office YAG lasers to remove visually significant floaters (YAG Vireolysis) and has helped to develop the protocol for this procedure. Recently, he was instrumental in bringing laser assisted cataract surgery to the area.

Although Dr. Singh is an ophthalmologist by profession, he is also a musician at heart. He is a founding member of the band, Funkadesi, which mixes Indo-Afro-Caribbean styles of music. The focus of the band is to bridge cultures and educate others on tolerance and understanding through music. The band tours the world spreading the message “one family, many children.”

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