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Chapter 01
Basic Knowledge

An intro to being an ophthalmic technician. You’ll be learning things such as how to room a patient, how to set up an exam room, managing your time efficiently, among other important things to know on your first week.


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Chapter 02
Anatomical Considerations
of the Human Eye

The anatomical foundation of eye care. You’ll learn eye anatomy, pathology, and treatment options from doctors that specialize in each one.
We recommend reviewing each lesson one or two times before moving on to Chapter 3.


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Chapter 03
Systemic Conditions
Affecting Eye Health

You’ll learn about the most common systemic conditions affecting eye health, the common medications used to treat those patients, and the key role you as a technician will play during the history taking process of the exam.


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Chapter 04
Common Ophthalmic
Ancillary Testing

Supporting your doctor with ancillary testing can save valuable time which can be used for treating and diagnosing other patients. In this chapter you’ll learn to efficiently perform various types of ancillary tests.


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Chapter 05
Common Diagnostic

You’ll learn how to use diagnostic equipment, how to best utilize them, and their related terminology. Be sure to come back to this chapter regularly, since more content will be added as new technologies come to market.


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Chapter 06
Common Ophthalmic
Eye Exams

You’ll learn how to take patient history of some of the most common conditions through role play scenarios.


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Chapter 07
Commonly Used
Eye Medications

There are various medications currently being used to treat eye problems. You’ll learn about the various classes by which they’re categorized, their FDA labeled indications and dosage, as well as about patient compliance.


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Chapter 08
Contact Lenses

This chapter is an abridged version of Optometry education. You’ll learn about bandage contact lenses, their suggested usage, and about contact lens insertion and removal.


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